Hilversum Zwaluwplein

The Zwaluwplein is the last phase of the Liebergen restructuring in Hilversum. Originally, the Jan van der Heijdenschool (1926), designed by Dudok, was situated here as the first of a cluster of schools. He thought of the school as a centre with a square next to it and surrounded by houses. The plasticity of the houses (1927) ties in with that of the school. When the school was demolished in the 1980s, the original urban setting was lost.

The project consists partly of renovating and partly of demolishing/replacing new housing and a new apartment building bordering on the square. This will create a differentiated mix of ground-oriented housing and starter apartments.

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38 dwellings and 1 chilcare daycentre
Client Dudok Wonen
Plan Preparation 2007 - 2011
Execution 2009 – 2012 in 2 phases
Project Architect Philip Breedveld