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The Westerkerk church was erected between 1620 and 1631 and designed by city architect Hendrick de Keyser. This church with its iconic tower is one of Amsterdam’s first, largest and best-known protestant churches. This national heritage site showed signs of frost damage to the masonry and corruption of the plaster layers in the interior. The Amsterdam heritage conservation office requested thorough substantiation for large-scale maintenance works.

Large-scale maintenance of the north and east sides of the exterior began late 2013. In addition to repairing the jointing and replacing damaged masonry, the engineering connections were renewed and adjusted as well. Artisanal stonemasons provided the new stones that matched the original masonry in colour, size, characteristics and structure. The last phase of exterior restorations commenced late 2014.

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Restauratie Westerkerk
Client Kerkrentemeesters Westerkerk
Plan Preparation vanaf 2012
Execution 2013 - 2017
Restoration Expert Ramon Pater