Arnhem retirement home and museum

The military retirement home, opened in 1863, was designed by government architect Rose. Because of security and technical problems in the building, a plan was made for interior restructuring and renovation. The combination of the functions of a retirement home and a museum places special demands on fire safety and climate control, in particular because of the historical nature of the building construction of this national heritage building.

The functional restructuring aims to create a separation between the private domain of the residents and the public area of the museum, while maintaining the atmosphere of the museum collection for the retirement home. This was achieved by restoring old traces of construction that were found, adding new facilities and installing climate control box-in-box constructions for vulnerable items of the collection.

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military retirement home and museum
Client Government Buildings Agency
Plan Preparation 1989 - 1995
Execution 1995 - 1998
Project Architect Martin van Dort
fotograaf: Rinus van Schie