de Bilt royal dutch meteorological institute

The essence of the assignment was to ensure continuity of accommodation for the KNMI at the location which has been in use since 1897. The plan can be described as rehabilitation of the historic country estate. Demolition and restructuring made it possible to increase the floor space significantly and to open up the estate which was filled with buildings.

The programme encompassed a renovated building from 1970, the characteristic radar tower from an earlier date (approx. 1930), a long upward sloping new building that is slightly rotated in relation to the existing building and the historic villa of Buys Ballot, which is now freestanding again. The entrances to the respective building parts are located on a new square at the front of the estate, which is surrounded by various buildings. The architecture symbolises the past, present and future of the KNMI.

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Office, laboratories, workplaces and weatherroom
Client Rijksgebouwendienst
Gross Surface Area 20.000 m²
Plan Preparation 1992 - 1995
Execution 1995 - 2002 (in phases)
Project Architect Hans Putter