Harreveld prisma

The building is the first phase of replacement new build for open youth care. The plan entails the demolition and construction of two similar pavilions, each with three groups. The pavilion is designed with a 2-storey central part surrounded by three ground floor residential wings.

The entrance hall is situated in the central part of the building with supporting functions on the upper floor. This part of the pavilion has the character of a wooden barn, inspired by the rural surroundings. Each group has its own outdoor space with shelter. Abundant daylight, optimal surveyability and transition from communal to individual domain are determining factors for the spatial structure. Each group has its own colour accent. The aim was to achieve a sustainable climate control and materialisation in the building, despite the limited possibilities.

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open youth care
Client Avenier te Harreveld
Gross Surface Area 1.260 m²
Plan Preparation 2009 - 2010
Execution 2010 - 2011
Project Architect Martin van Dort
fotograaf: Thea van den Heuvel