Amsterdam paradiso

The original church building of the Free Congregation was designed by architect G.B. Salm. After the congregation left the building in 1965, it was soon occupied by squatters. From this squatters movement emerged the current pop temple Paradiso in 1968.

The restoration of the shell was carried out in 2007-2008. Important elements were the restoration of the damp and frost damaged brickwork and restoration of the stained glass windows. For a proper conservation of the stained glass windows in the facade, Archivolt architects have designed special ventilating secondary windows, which also provide a noise reduction of 30db(A). By using very thin steel profiles with clear, anti-reflective glass, the stained glass windows are once again visible from the outside.

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Shell restoration
Client Stadsdeel Centrum
Plan Preparation 2005 - 2007
Execution 2007 - 2008
Restoration Expert Ramon Pater
Bouwhistoricus Petra van Diemen
fotograaf: Thea van den Heuvel