Amsterdam mercatorplein

The Mercatorplein, designed by H.P. Berlage in 1922, is a monument in the history of architecture.

The technical improvement of the west wall consisted of foundation repair, renewal of the support structure, wall insulation, double glazing and soundproofing and a new rear facade with balconies. The fine-grained access structure has been preserved by using the same access between the shops for the entrance halls, in which the stairwells have been combined. Apartments have been merged into bayonet apartments and on the first floor they have a large roof terrace. Under the roof are maisonettes. The public areas are used as a library, a police station and a community centre in the tower. Much attention was paid to the preservation and restoration of authentic details, essential for the urban architecture of Berlage.

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56 Apartments and 2.500 m² business areas
Client Het Oosten
Plan Preparation 1995
Execution 2000
Project Architect M. van Haaren
fotograaf: Thea van den Heuvel