Amsterdam Marnixkade

The buildings on the Marnixkade were seriously subsiding and had to be partially evacuated. The foundation of the corner buildings, which were worst affected, were therefore restored first. In particular the large double gable roofs and the architectural features of window frames, roof edges and entrances are characteristic.

The steep staircases in each house were converted into one spacious stairwell for two houses, giving access to the apartments. Each building consists of a ground floor maisonette with garden, an apartment and a maisonette on the attic floor. The layout of the building was improved as the narrow nave became available as a space for the hall. They are sold as shell properties for which room has been made for maximum freedom of choice for the residents with regard to preparing the installations in order to complete the house to their own specifications.

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Renovation of 19 shell properties
Client Ymere
Gross Surface Area 2.300 m²
Plan Preparation 2009 - 2012
Execution 2009 - 2012
Project Architect Philip Breedveld