Amsterdam landlust

The monument ‘De Koningsvrouwen van Landlust’ (the King’s Women of Landlust) concerns the first experimental strip land division of Amsterdam. A high level of renovation and durability of the apartments was combined with the restoration of the elegant, modern appearance of this building from the 1930s. The facade improvement consists of specially designed aluminium window frames to restore the original image of the steel frames.

The apartments were insulated with a box-in-box construction, now meet all fire safety requirements and were completely updated with a ceiling heating & cooling system, HCS, ventilation with heat recovery and photovoltaic panels. With the participation of the inhabitants, the uniform housing differentiation was replaced by a mix of small and medium-sized apartments and family homes with four to five bedrooms.

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A high level of renovation and durability of 243 apartments
Client Woonstichting Eigen Haard
Plan Preparation 2007 -2011
Execution 2009 - 2012
Project Architect Philip Breedveld
fotograaf: Thea van den Heuvel