Arnhem panopticon prison

The Arnhem Panopticon Prison dates from 1882-1886. The assignment concerned first a feasibility study into re-use as a penitentiary, on the basis of which a master plan was produced. Subsequently sub-plans were developed. Later a repair and restoration plan was added.

All elements of cultural-historical value have been preserved. New building parts were added to the south and north sides.

The dome itself has again been made suitable for prison cells. The “surface” of the dome forms, as a central square, the logistic heart of the complex. The other programme elements were housed in existing building parts and in new build components surrounding this square. The restoration entailed repair, consolidation and reconstruction with image restoration of the interior of the overwhelmingly spatial panopticon.

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Client Government Buildings Agency
Gross Surface Area 17.450 m²
Plan Preparation 1993 - 1998
Execution 1995 - 2005
Project Architect Martin van Dort
fotograaf: Thea van den Heuvel