Eefde Headquarter LSG-Rentray

The original main building of Rentray in Eefde was renovated to accommodate the new head office of LSG Rentray. This institution provides treatment and therapy at several locations for young people with severe behavioural problems. The existing building had strongly diminished in quality due to many alterations and functional changes. The assignment concerned preservation and facilitation of a new office concept.

The entire attic floor was cleared and arranged into a much more open working area. Daylight and view of the beautiful surrounding estate were central to the design. The new hybrid wind driven ventilation system in the building required considerable spatial content, which was found on the high attic floor. The many dormer windows, skylights and cooling machines have been removed and replaced by window strips in the various roof planes and fitted with sun shade blinds.

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Renovation head office of LSG Rentray
Client LSG-Rentray
Gross Surface Area 2.340 m²
Plan Preparation 2009
Execution 2010-2010
Project Architect Martin van Dort
fotograaf: Thea van den Heuvel