Amsterdam de duif

After more than 25 years of abandonment and decay, Stadsherstel (City restoration) Amsterdam has saved the church de Duif (“the Dove”) from demolition at the last minute. With a transformation into a multifunctional space for cultural and social purposes, this building has been given a new function.

In addition to the restoration of the shell, with preservation of the historic values of the building, new facilities have been added to make the building suitable for its new function. In particular, the new air heating system with floor plenum and air injection at the level of the galleries is designed in such a way that it is almost invisibly incorporated into the existing structure. Moreover, the system heats only the lower zone of the church where the visitors are. The organ with its specific climatic requirements is located in the cooler and drier indoor climate zone.

Restauration and refurbishment church
Client Stadsherstel Amsterdam n.v.
Plan Preparation 1999 - 2001
Execution 2001 - 2003
Project Architect Frans Boogers
Restoration Expert Ramon Pater
fotograaf: Ernest Annyas