Beveren en Dendermonde (B) dbfmo prisons belgium

Of the 4 new prisons which were tendered for in 2010 in the form of DBFMO, the bids for Beveren and Dendermonde for the consortium we were working for appeared to be successful. This was realised through a close coherence between all factors in the offered plan and, more specifically, in relation to the design through the coherence between the perception and usage vision. Our aim was to find a uniform concept, which could be used at several different locations.

The basic plan was derived from various model studies, based on the package of requirements and the different locations. Safe and humane execution of the detention was one of the task’s central focus points. Important design themes for the architecture included: surveyability, orientation, daylight, views, safety, effectiveness and sustainability.

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Penitentiary institutions
Client BAM PPP België NV
Gross Surface Area 29.723 en 31.554 m²
Plan Preparation 2010 - 2011
Execution 2012 - 2013
Project Architect Martin van Dort