Amsterdam amsterbaken

Renovation, refurbishment and a replacement new building with an extension at a compact location. The diverse functional programme gave rise to a differentiation in the living and working atmosphere. Leading design themes were: orientation, daylight and surveyability. Time resistant solutions were opted for in connection with the intensity of use. Archivolt organised the entire project, from the feasibility study through to the aftercare. This concerned the design, including the coordination between all disciplines and the process management.

The institution carried on functioning throughout the building activities, which had a major influence on the design and resulted in a phased execution with lots of temporary provisions and facilities. The institution reopened completely again in November 2011.

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Forensic youth treatment centre
Client Spirit Amsterdam
Gross Surface Area 10.376 m²
Plan Preparation 2005 – 2007
Execution 2006 – 2011
Project Architect Martin van Dort
fotograaf: Thea van den Heuvel