archivolt is a medium-sized architecture firm active in the area of new buildings, renovations and restorations. Using traditionally organised processes, the firm acts as chief contractor for integral development projects as well as in assignments that are tendered as Design & Build or DBFM(O).The firm’s home turf is the Netherlands, but since 2010 it has also undertaken projects abroad. The firm works on all phases in building projects: from the initiating phase up to and including the management phase. The core of our design method is to focus on achieving integral and realistic solutions by cooperating with our customer and additional disciplines. Since 2011 our standard is BIM.

Sustainability means the total lifespan of a building, reason why we advocate a wide approach. In our projects it is the people who count as well as the end-users and customers who are involved in the preparation and implementation process. Personal involvement and accountability are inherent to professionalism.
We define our company profile according to 6 different professional angles: history, skills, integral, process, sustainability and functionality. Where necessary we have included further details in the sub-tabs. Under the heading of Portfolio, you will find a large number of by us designed projects. These are divided into 6 categories.

Via a link you can inspect and download information pages (in PDF format). These pages contain additional information about projects and various unique topics.


non-residential • cultural heritage
penitentiairy • renovation • residential